Retrospective Application for Stable Block and Proposed Outdoor Arena, Barnstaple, Devon

Where buildings or outdoor facilities have been constructed without planning consent it will be necessary to make these facilities lawful through a retrospective planning application. This is essentially submitting all the paperwork that would have been produced as part of a standard planning application and follows a similar approval process.

Once retrospective permission has been granted the building or outdoor facility will be legal and the owner of the property will be free from any future legal action. Retrospective applications may be submitted at any time by the land owner or may be ordered by the local authority as part of an enforcement notice. If the illegal development has been in place for in excess of 10no. years without incident then it is likely that approval will be forthcoming however retrospective applications are risky as local authorities are not bound to grant approval, where the application is rejected it may be necessary to remove the development and return the land back to its original state or risk criminal prosecution.

If you have been issued with an enforcement notice or have buildings or arenas which do not have planning approval you can speak to our planning team in confidence who will be able to advise on the best course of action. Call our team today on 0845 544 2005 or contact us through our online enquiry form.