Pre-Application Submission for Combined Agricultural and Equestrian Project, Chorley, Lancashire

Equestrian Planning Services are able to advise on your chances of successfully obtaining planning approval at the outset. If we feel your chances are limited we will tell you immediately rather than let you waste your time and money on what could be an expensive planning application process.

In most instances we are able to design projects to maximise your chance of winning planning approval, we are also able to identify key planning issues at the outset and design out problems which may otherwise lead to plans being rejected by the local authority.

Where we feel your chances of obtaining approval are limited due to issues that cannot be overcome we may advise that you submit a pre-application to the local authority. In this instance we would design the scheme to address as many known planning constraints as possible and would liaise with planning officers to see whether it is possible to offset or mitigate any other concerns the local authority may have.

Following a successful pre-app we would then be in a position to prepare the detailed planning application knowing there is a reasonable chance of a successful outcom

If you have had planning approval refused or would like to know whether your proposals are likely to be approved get in touch with one of our planning team by phone or through our online contact form for no obligation advice.