How to Have The Perfect Livery Yard

In an ideal world everyone one who have space at home to keep their horses but for those of us not fortunate to do so finding a good livery yard is essential. But what exactly makes the perfect livery yard?

Below we have put together a bunch of top tips in how to have the perfect livery yard.

1. What type of rider are you? Are you a leisure rider or a serious competitor? Having like-minded people around the livery yard can be quite important. If you surround yourself with riders similar to you then you can motivate and share goals with each other, otherwise life with your horse could start to feel lonely.

2. One of the most important aspects of a good livery yard is having a good owner/yard manager. You can have all the facilities in the world but have a owner who isn’t understanding, friendly and helpful can make things uncomfortable for you and everyone else on the yard.

3. Having good livery staff that can treat your horse as their own. A good level and care from other members of staff can o a long way to make both the horse and the horse owner at ease.

4. A tidy yard means a happy yard. A yard that is looked after and one that doesn’t have stuff everywhere is a lot better than one that feels disorganised and chaotic.

5. Having someone on-site 24/7 is desirable from both a security and welfare point of view.

6. The other clients on the yard must also respect the facilities as their own. For example, not leaving equipment hanging around or not cleaning horse waste from the arena should become second nature.

7. A key part of a successful and happy livery yard is good, year-round turnout to avoid your horse being locked away 24/7. You shouldn’t have to accept that your horse will be shut in its stable if the weather forecast is looking bleak.

8. Having a good relationship with the manager and the other clients can go a long way. Camaraderie and banter can lead to a positive atmosphere.